Insta/Stuff #14

  Hello guys! how are you? Friday today! I cannot tell you how happy I am for this week to be over! I haven’t posted an Insta/stuff post for a while now and there are so many pictures I wanted … Continue reading

Dress Over Dress

Hello Guys! How are you doing? These days are so so crazy, running around all day! At work there are so many things going on an I am really looking forward to some days off! Dress over Dress! On today’s … Continue reading

FABULIST #Glam Details

  1.// 2.// 3.// 4.// 5. // 6.// 7.// 8.// 9.// Hello Guys! How are you doing? Who doesn’t love some glam? Some glam and cuteness in every little thing makes my day! Take advantage of the 3 day Shopbob … Continue reading