October In a Snap!



Blushing Tones   /   Camel Blazer

Hello Guys! How are you? This month Is almost over and These are my outfit posts all in one! I have to tell you that this month has been so creative and rewarding for me! Thank you so much for contibuting in this!I am really looking forward for what’s about to come.

Γεια σας! Τι κάνετε; Αυτός ο μήνας σχεδόν τελείωσε, και αυτά είναι όλα τα outfit posts του Οκτώβρη όλα σε ένα! Αυτός ο μήνας ήταν τόσο δημιουργικός και τόσο αποδοτικός, και ειλικρινά ευχαριστώ που συμβάλλατε σε αυτό! Ειλικρινά περιμένω όλα όσα έρχονται!



Mint Dotty Dress / Blue Scuba / Camel Blazer /Fall Booties




Damask Print Jacket / Leather Skirt






Damask Print Jacket / Simple Glam

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27 thoughts on “October In a Snap!

  1. You’ve got a great sense of style. Discovered your blog through the Style Sessions link-up and read that you’d want to visit India. I stay in New Delhi, India, so if you’re ever here, or if you ever need help to plan a trip down here, do give me a shout! 🙂



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