Feeling Sunkissed







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Hello! How was your week so far? This is what i wore to work the other day. Stripes look really professional in general and they are perfect for a day at work!  These trousers are not the ordinary stripes, this is why I liked them the first place!!! What do you think? Because I am really young to be dressed to formal for work ( I wouldn’t feel myself) I wore this with my favorite tee and blazer!!! Tell me what you think! what do you wear at work?

my outfit details: sunglasses/ray ban, blazer/ marks & spencer, tee/pull & bear, trousers/ asos, boots/clarks

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27 thoughts on “Feeling Sunkissed

  1. I love this. One of my favorite movie directors is Tim Burton and these pants remind me of his style in most of his movies (hello Beetlejuice!) He is big on stripes! I am not saying you look goth or anything just I like the inspiration the pants have. I like this work attire on ya. Rachel xo

  2. I love this work look. My favorite movie director is Tim Burton, so these pants remind me of his artistic style (stripes). I love the tee and blazer as well. My week is good, today has had it’s ups and downs but mostly ups :). How is your day ? Week going ?

  3. Hi, Irene! I love your look today! I think it is very beautiful and you did very nice styling which makes you look so chic and not very official at the same time, I like your stripey trousers and the terracota (if I am not color blind 🙂 blazer, gorgeous color! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment on my today’s post <3333, I am following you now, I like your style a lot! <3xoxo

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