just today…

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hi everyone! how are you?how was your week? L-O-V-E actually is all around!!! Many ladies are looking for the right underwear that will make the V- day even more special! so i’d take this opportunity to talk to you about the brand i like!  Cherry Lingerie is a small brand that has just launched their e-shop. It is a familly business that pays attention to all the details we care about! their undies are made from women to women! are intererested in taking care of women in every occation!!!

take a sneak peak on their collection for the days and not only!

their site is www.cherrylingerie.gr, unforunatelly they do not have it in english (yet) but stay tuned!!!!

IMG_2303 IMG_2254 copy

all the items and the pictures are property of www.cherrylingerie.gr

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